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    OUR MISION                                                                    HUMAN SERVICE

When you are not able to solve intricate problems
Then leave it to the almighty
God will solve all your problems

All that you could not do will be done by him.
  • Yagya (hawan) is being carried out at Shanidev Mandir daily from 7pm to 12 midnight. For Shani Greh Peace, Pitra Dosh, Success in employment, Domestic problems, Mental and Physcial problems and for domestic peace.

  • Helping poor, orphans and cremation of unclaimed dead bodies are being carried out as per religious customs and rights.

  • Our Guruji and all devotees of the temple perform the duties to collect the remains of unclaimed dead bodies from the graveyards of Delhi, NCR, UP, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan for flowing them them in the Kankhal, Haridwar as per religious customs. Yagya and bhandara are also being organized in Haridwar for the peace of departed souls of deceased.

  • To inspire human beings for performing their duties with custom values. To become the heir of unclaimed bodies and cremating them as per religious customs.

  • To give food, clothes and utensils on every Amavasya and in Sraadhs by the devotees for the peace of their Ancestors. Yagya is also being carried out in the temple foe the peace of devotee's ancestors.

  • To open a dispensary for the public, distribution of Ayurvedic, Unani and all Jari Booties medicines for free.

  • To provide medical aid for poor and disabled persons, also in case of accidents trust provides ambulance to take the sufferer to the hospital.

  • Arrangements are made for the Kanwarias for their accommodation, meals and organizing work as per their requirements.

  • To establish Orphans Home, Nari Niketan, Dhamshala, Marriage Home & Cow shelter. To provide meals for Cows, animals and birds.

  • To organize the programmes in the temple for all religious work like: Satsang, Jagran, Yag, Bhandaras etc.

  • To coordinate between Maharishi Balmiki and other Saints communities for communal harmony.

  • To organize Satsang,Yag (havan) for different communities Saints, Mahatmas, Gurus etc. for communal harmony.

  • To help women financially for their education also getting orphans girls married.

  • To bulid Religious Ashram for Dependent women, children and old aged persons and establishment of women convenience centres and development centers for their training and employment and efforts to help them in all manners.

  • Please write us if you have any financial, physical or mental problems. We will make efforts to slove your problems by doing Yag, Havan or Lal Kitab.

  • To organize Shobha Yatra, Yagya and Bhandaras on birthday's of Sai Baba, Khatu Shyam, Maharishi Dhadhichi Ji, Navratris, Hanuman Ji, Janmashtami, Ganesh Ji time to time.
Ph : +91-9210789999 , Email : info@omsairam.co.in